[FFmpeg-user] trouble with -vcodec copy

Arlo Leach lists at arlomedia.com
Tue Nov 15 23:03:22 CET 2011

Does anyone have any further insight on this?

> I just ran this command:
> ffmpeg -i band_formatted.mp4 -f mp4 -vcodec copy -acodec copy -ss 30 -t 30 -y band_formatted_sample_again.mp4
> And got this result:
> http://www.arlomedia.com/projects/ffmpeg/band_formatted_sample_again.mp4
> In QuickTime Player, I see no video for the first three seconds.

I'm still re-encoding my videos when I just need to extract a sample clip, because I'm still losing the first view seconds of video with -vcodec copy.



Arlo Leach

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