[FFmpeg-user] -RE option broken?

NokNok Developer developer at noknok.net
Fri Nov 11 19:52:45 CET 2011

Im using the latest version pull from git, and when using the -RE in my 
command line, its no longer processing at REALTIME speed?  it used to be 
that if the movie was 20fps, the transcode with the -re option would 
transcode at 20fps... but here, it just runs wild....

Has something changed?

  -v info  -y  -i "http://1245:12345@somedomain.com/11949/23571937"  
-threads 0  -re    -acodec aac  -ac 2 -ab 128000 -ar 44100 -vsync 2 
-strict experimental   -vcodec libx264  -r 18 -b 1024k -bt 1024k  
-bufsize 512k -maxrate 1229k -fpre 
"E:\Transcoder\tools\ffpresets\libx264-noknokfast.ffpreset" -fpre 
"E:\Transcoder\tools\ffpresets\libx264-main.ffpreset" -g 36 -keyint_min 
18 -crf 18 -f mpegts -y 

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