[FFmpeg-user] Quicktime reports diiferent width than ffmpeg

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Fri Nov 11 16:31:48 CET 2011

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> >Anyone know why QuickTime would report a different width for an .mov
> than ffmpeg does?
> Check aspect ratio flags (DAR/PAR etc). If I remember correctly, QT
> for example, 1024x576 for anamorphic 720x576.
Stream #0.0(eng): Video: svq3, yuvj420p, 648x486, 1577 kb/s, SAR 43185:32768
DAR 14395:8192, 29.91 fps, 29.95 tbr, 29954 tbn, 29954 tbc
the wxh shows ~4:3 SAR is also ~4:3 yet DAR is ~16:9 
the actual video plays at ~16:9 or 854x486
the only dimension reported here evenly div by 4 is 648 which makes me think
ffmpeg isn't so much reading the dimensions as it is calculating them?
Still learning

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