[FFmpeg-user] Incomplete libavcodec in Ubuntu 10.04?

Constantin Savtchenko csavtche at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 18:20:42 CET 2011

Hello all,
 I am attempting to compile a program which uses the avcodec and
avutil libraries.  The program fails to compile because
AVMEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO is undeclared and AVPacket is not defined.  I see
that the libraries on ffmpeg.org are complete with the necessary
declaration and definition though.  I am unable to remove avcodec
using my package manager because an incredibly large package (ROS) is
reliant on it and will be removed as well.  Thus my question is two
fold.  Is it a known problem for Ubuntu 10.04 to have
outdated/incomplete ffmpeg libraries?  Is there a way to use ubuntu's
package manager and update my avcodec libraries?  Thank you all for
any help.

Constantin S

PS - A comment in my libraries makes mention of AVPacket, yet AVPacket
is not defined.  What's going on?

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