[FFmpeg-user] xVid and version Q

Jim Shupert jshupert at pps-inc.com
Thu May 12 23:50:12 CEST 2011


I made a file with ffmpeg [ -vcodec libxvid ]

ffmpeg -i D:\path\vid\my.mpg -ab 192000 -ar 48000 -b 8000000 -s 720x480
-vcodec libxvid  -acodec libmp3lame D:\path\vid\my.avi
( and file looks fine - plays in VLC , wonderful )

when I analyze a file with Gspot it repots the file video codec to be 
xvid ISO MPEG-4. ISO
I think this is xvid 1.3.1 .
when i examine with media info or ffprobe it simply says Codec:xvid.

What are the major differences between
xvid 1.1.2  and xvid ISO MPEG-4. ISO?

If i wish to provide a person Xvid 1.1.2 can I get that older codec 
version or would it be suggested to have the person update thier player 

They are asking for Xvid 1.1.2  is this a reasonable request isn't it 
just older - don't ya think they could just update their codec?

Simply said is the file I made with ffmpeg [-vcodec libxvid ] simply a 
newer version of xvid 1.1.2 or is something fundamentally different.

Thanks much


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