[FFmpeg-user] flag YUV input as interlaced

Mark Himsley mark at mdsh.com
Thu May 12 14:13:07 CEST 2011

Imagine I am using FFmpeg to read a raw YUV file. How do I flag that 
input file as interlaced so that interlaced aware filters process the 
stream correctly?

For instance:
  I have an SD PAL sized yvyu422 file that I know is top-field-first
  I want to output that as PAL DV 25, which is bottom-field-first

I expect to use a command like like this:

ffmpeg -f rawvideo -r 25 -s 720x576 -pix_fmt yuyv422 -i input.yvyu422 
-vf fieldorder=bff -vcodec dvvideo -pix_fmt yuv420p -y output.mov

But, since the input file is not flagged as interlaced the fieldorder 
filter cannot do it's job.



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