[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg crashes using trying to convert Wirecast stream to flv

Ethan Wang ethan at veetle.com
Wed May 11 03:32:42 CEST 2011

ffmpeg, when given a stream originally produced from a set up using 
Wirecast dies with the following error:

[flv @ 0x90c2100]st:0 error, non monotone timestamps 10708119 >= 10708119
(This is the error message from ffmpeg-0.6.1, I tried ffmpeg-0.7 rc1 as 
well, which produces a similar error, worded slightly differently)

Our exact set up is this:

Wirecast -->QuickTime (h264 video, AAC audio)
               --> VLC (ASF container re-enveloping, still h264 video, 
AAC audio unmodified)
               --> ffmpeg (transcoding to FLV, h264 video at lower 
bitrate, mp3 audio)

I would assume the re-enveloping from QuickTime container to ASF would 
not affect the DTS/PTS of the elementary streams within so it must then 
be some issue with the h264 video stream produced by Wirecast that 
ffmpeg does not like. Would it be advisable to hack it locally here so 
when ffmpeg encounters an error like this, it simply keep going, by 
either discarding the frame with the duplicate timestamp, or ignoring it 


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