[FFmpeg-user] problem converting and combining these FLV files

betonpfeiler betonpfeiler at googlemail.com
Sun May 8 12:45:04 CEST 2011

Am 08.05.2011 02:08, schrieb phil curb:
> I have this file, i'm trying to combine it with a copy of itself.
> http://www.sendspace.com/file/dkg3rz
> But the result while being twice as big, is the same duration.
> C:\blah>dir
> Karateka.flv        (399,375)
> I want to create one big file that is 2 of them combined.
> So I convert the flv to mpg which one can combine with copy /B
> ffmpeg -i Karateka.flv -sameq Karateka.mpg


I did the same on a linux system and while just copying I had similar 
issues. In my case it helped to do a remux with ffmpeg of the combined 
file with this command:

|cat video1.mxf video2.mxf | ffmpeg -i - -acodec copy -vcodec mpeg2video 
-b 5M whole.mpg

|||This is how it worked on Ubuntu, on a windows set-up you might 
replace 'cat' with you copy-routine.
The '-' as input tells ffmpeg to use the cat-merged file as input. This 
command is explained on ffmbc.wordpress.com



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