[FFmpeg-user] Fixing up Stephen Dranger's ffmpeg tutorial code

Blatwurst blatwurst at digitalfish.com
Sun May 8 01:16:43 CEST 2011


I've been working with the source code from Stephen Dranger's excellent
FFmpeg tutorial.  I've got all of the examples building under C++, and
mostly running with the latest version of ffmpeg.  In case anyone is
interested in my efforts, I've summarized what I'm doing here:


This page includes a link to a tarball with my versions of the sources.

I'm posting this information for three purposes:

   1. Allow others to benefit from my work
   2. Allow others to tell me what I've done wrong
   3. Allow others to help me to fix the remaining problems I'm finding with
   the code.

If you find yourself being one of the "others" to which #2 or #3 apply,
please email me at blatwurst -at- digitalfish -dot- com, or respond to this
post, or post comments on my blog (the URL above).

Have fun!


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