[FFmpeg-user] dv => mp4: deinterlace or not, and how?

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Fri May 6 23:30:24 CEST 2011

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> On 2011.05.05 06:34 PM, sean darcy wrote:
>> Does mcdeint still add anything
>> to yadif?
> Yes, but unless you have a really powerful CPU, it's not worth the extra
> time that it adds. It's very slow.
> In any case, using Yadif to deinterlace is almost always a very good
> idea. Interlaced displays are reaching their last days,

Excuse me? Where did you get this information  about interlacing going away?
Do you have anything to backup that what you are saying is actually 

Sorry if i sound harsh (Trying to be so now), but IMHO, this is just plain 
But i love to be prooven wrong.


> and encoders do
> a much better job with progressive input.
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