[FFmpeg-user] dv => mp4: deinterlace or not, and how?

Mark Himsley mark at mdsh.com
Fri May 6 00:41:18 CEST 2011

On 05/05/2011 22:18, Bouke wrote:
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> From: "belcampo" <belcampo at zonnet.nl>
>>  If the final display is a TV, which is capable to deinterlacing
> Oi, big misunderstanding....
> a good catholic (injoke) TV is NOT capable of de-interlacing.

Although, there are many non-cathode-ray-tube displays that do
de-interlace (by line doubling fields), the £3500 JVC TFT monitor next
to me and the £350 Sony telly at home being just two examples...

> It is capable of displaying interlaced images one field after another, thus 
> making pretty moving pictures.

but, yes that is definitely a better, if somewhat wordy, description
that sits better with my pedantic way of thinking.

> (don't get me started about 100 Hz sets...)

vile, horrid, turn it off NOW.

Do manufacturers not understand the time domain?


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