[FFmpeg-user] Copyright issues iFFmpeg

Johannes Frotscher jfrotscher at gmail.com
Mon May 2 01:54:08 CEST 2011

Another case of stupid abuse of fundamentals, "Free Software GPL",  
yeah right as in free to plunder, especially the intelligence of users  
and developers.

Steve Jobs: "Good artists copy, great artists steal.", classic paradigm.

I know I should not start a discussion of legality here, but this is  
one of the most prominent cases going well beyond anything.

GPL is shooting itself in its left foot if you ask me, what outrageous  

GPL is really a virus, as stated in the Wikipedia article of yours:

How else can there be more and even more commercialism, and  
misinformation, miseducation as on the web right now. And don't tell  
me its because of the increasing number of users, that is the true  
bullhog here.

The clear distinction of free and unfree software from its origin has  
been contaminated, by its own people. FreeBSD is the only true freedom  
act that ever happened to all Unices.
Its also the reason why everything is getting patched and cracked  
beyond degree out there, because its an anarchic state, people wake up.

And to correct again:

The very source of the definition my friends, and if those programs  
use numerous ever-never-stop-expanding-since-10-years-APPLE-APIs-of- 
which-iFFmpegGUI-was-using-ffmpeg-selling-it, which have their own  
copyrights, and license agreements, then I am in fact extending the  
functionality of the program, thank you no applause please.

BTW nice cases of its former Hall-of-Shame here:

Intelligence is conceit, wisdom is bliss.

The funny thing is, its actually like the even cranker counter-part of  
the capitalist markets out there, almost pinpointing its weaknesses.  
Its not just a matter of intellectual property, its a matter of the  
legal-economic framework, which define the finale of politics and  
ideology, hence the dynamics of our future.

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