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Sun Dec 11 12:58:07 CET 2011

On 12/11/11 20:02, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 11.12.2011 15:26, schrieb Thomas Worth:
>>> because linux software usually DOES NOT link static and this is good so
>>> you get an update for an vulnerable librarie ffmpeg is using and
>>> ffmpeg is fixed, for windows you need a new ffmpeg
>> Eh, this isn't quite accurate. You can certainly link FFmpeg static on
>> Linux have one binary that does everything.
> you CAN but it is not really smart
> and you CAN NOT on many distributions like Feodra where
> libraies do not allow static linking to avoid people doing
> it whithout understand what security problems they introduce]
NO that is not true. pass -static to GCC and you'll get what you want. 
It's also dependent on the program's build system. There's no source on 
earth which cannot be build as static.

Whatever you install from the repository is NOT statically build and 
that's the point of a repository.
>> although I agree there are reasons to link dynamically. However, the
>> convenience of being able to copy one binary across multiple machines
>> far outweighs the pain of having to install all the libraries on every
>> machine, in my opinion. If newer versions of these libraries are
>> released, you can just recompile a new binary.
> if you have multiple machines you normally use a package-manager
> building a rpm for ffmpeg pulls in all dependencies on the target
> machines
>> I understand Phil's frustration.
> i understand partly but i understand not why he refuses to learn
>> It is _way_ easier to compile FFmpeg
>> on Linux/*nix.
> but not if someone refueses to learn anything and do even not
> know ./confugure nor is using google
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