[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg issue

Darryl Lewis darryl.lewis at unsw.edu.au
Sun Dec 11 00:36:58 CET 2011

On 11/12/11 8:05 AM, "doreisan" <doreisan at yahoo.com> wrote:

>Don't get me wrong. I love linux and after getting used to it I love
>That being said, the point of this note is to exclaim out loud the
>following critique:  ffmpeg is useless and impracticle.

So you love something that is "useless and impracticle"? Passive
aggressive much? (BTW, I'm not sure what "impracticle" is, but I know what
useless is, so I'll assume it is along the same lines)

>That begs the question as to just why.  After 3 hours of trying I can't
>get it to enable mp3 encoding.  The only reasoning that I'm given for
>disabling it is some lame excuse that it's proprietory.  Ok? Really? Your
>serious about that?

Speak to the patent attorneys (Hint, they cost about $200/hr, but this
list is free [see, I can do passive aggressive too]). Or speak to your
politicians/king/ruler/dictator who agree with software patents and get
them to change their minds on it.

>Let me be clear, and blunt. It can, in theory, be enabled.  It's free to
>get the lame codec.  This is why ppl don't move to linux: every music
>player on the f'n entire earth uses mp3, not vorbis, not wav, not
>name-it, but mp3.  So when are linux programmers such little bitch ass
>pansy f'n panywastes? Why not just enable the one everyone uses by
>default and why such frustration and agony just to do what we will do


>Flying sphaghetti monster dammit!
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