[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg issue

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sun Dec 11 00:31:15 CET 2011

Am 11.12.2011 00:27, schrieb Phil Rhodes:
>> but i guess not everybody is stupid except you becaus ethe
>> others are not too lazy to read documentations, 
> What documentation? I have one file called "ffmpeg.exe".
> That's all I have. Oddly enough, it is capable of encoding MP3 audio, 
> so perhaps the best thing for our correspondent to do is to use Windows 
> or a mac and grab a binary from somewhere.

learn what xou do, take GCC and compile the binary at your own

the sources are containing all what is needed
dependecnies of ecternal libraries are YOU problem

> You know, a "binary". That's finished, complete, ready-to-use software. 
> Not a pile of text files that's many hours of configuration 

your problem

>> the output of ./configure --help
> What's a "./configure"? Where do I get one? What's it for? How do I use it?

learn basics or pay someone who knows

>> devel-packages 
> What's a "devel-package"?

learn basics or pay someone who knows

> Learning points from this:
> - Not everyone is a software engineer

pay one which is if your are onwilling to learn BASICS of compile software for your OS

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