[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg issue

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sun Dec 11 00:19:20 CET 2011

Am 11.12.2011 00:03, schrieb Phil Rhodes:
> This is a media handling utility that doesn't, in many cases, have the ability to handle one 
> of the world's most common and popular media formats. That's pretty damned stupid.

the only one here that is pretty stupid must be you!


because everybody out there is able to activate EVERY audio/video-codec existing
in this world except you - so you or everybodfy else out there is stupid

but i guess not everybody is stupid except you becaus ethe others are not too lazy
to read documentations, the output of ./configure --help and install the needed
devel-packages matching their distribution before compile ffmpeg

if you are too lazy nobody is forcing you to use ffmpeg
the rest of the world is satisfied with one of the best encoders you will ever find

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