[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg issue

Lou lou at lrcd.com
Sat Dec 10 22:25:27 CET 2011

On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 01:05:16PM -0800, doreisan wrote:
> Don't get me wrong. I love linux and after getting used to it I love ffmpeg.
> That being said, the point of this note is to exclaim out loud the following critique:  ffmpeg is useless and impracticle.
> That begs the question as to just why.  After 3 hours of trying I can't get it to enable mp3 encoding.  The only reasoning that I'm given for disabling it is some lame excuse that it's proprietory.  Ok? Really? Your serious about that?
> Let me be clear, and blunt. It can, in theory, be enabled.  It's free to get the lame codec.  This is why ppl don't move to linux: every music player on the f'n entire earth uses mp3, not vorbis, not wav, not name-it, but mp3.  So when are linux programmers such little bitch ass pansy f'n panywastes? Why not just enable the one everyone uses by default and why such frustration and agony just to do what we will do ANYWAY? 
> Flying sphaghetti monster dammit!

The procedure for enabling any external library for FFmpeg is basically
(LAME specifically in this example):

1. Install LAME
2. Compile FFmpeg with --enable-libmp3lame

As for your issue of libmp3lame being disabled: I'm assuming you are referring
to a specific Linux distribution that does not have libmp3lame enabled
by default.

If this is the case then this is an issue with the distro, not FFmpeg.
I can understand how frustrating it can be, but please contact the package
maintainer about this if you want to discuss why they don't enable it by

Alternatively you can compile FFmpeg yourself or use a distro that does
have your desired encoders enabled by default.

If your issue is about neededing to manually add --enable-libmp3lame to
the FFmpeg ./configure, then consider submitting a bug report:


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