[FFmpeg-user] Streaming live mpeg4 problem

Sefer Tov sefer at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 1 21:58:34 CET 2011

I've been trying to use ffmpeg to write out (transcode) an mp4 file into a player, however it appears that the MP4 container is not "seekable" and can't be streamed.Is that absolutely true? I understand there is a need to write the moov atom once the entire file has been transcoded (and it is preferably written out at the beginning of the file).
My intention is to transcode live (on demand/on the fly) video streams to play on my iPad. I want it to start playing it as soon as the first bytes start pouring in (by piping the output of ffmpeg back into the socket).Is there any way to achieve that using ffmpeg? (I know iPad is very picky about the formats/codecs it supports).
Any guidance orideas would be much appreciated.
Thanks,     Sefer. 		 	   		  

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