[FFmpeg-user] Problem with FFmpeg git-a304071

Maksym Veremeyenko verem at m1stereo.tv
Thu Apr 28 07:23:38 CEST 2011

28.04.11 01:54, Папа Любящий написав(ла):
> Hi.
> Take please file from my camcoder , and create dv.mov from him with
> http://hawkeye.arrozcru.org/builds/win64/static/ffmpeg-git-a304071-win64-static.7z
i think the problem is win64 build, try 32-bit build.

i tested against latest win32 ffmpeg and libav builds 
(http://research.m1stereo.tv/ffmpeg/snapshots/) and found no problem 
with a picture...

Maksym Veremeyenko

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