[FFmpeg-user] Use libavfilter to automatically create cutpoint files (e.g. for ProjectX)

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Tue Apr 26 12:59:52 CEST 2011


I have lots of recordings of TV series and I'm too lazy to cut them all
manually in ProjectX. Since the first and the last frame (intro and
credits) are always the same and there are no commercial breaks, I had
the idea of writing a filter plugin which basically takes one or more
picture files and compares them to each frame in a video file. The
position of the best matching video frame(s) is written to a (text)
file. This way I want to automatically create the cutpoint files for
ProjectX. The plugin already works and reliably detects the start and
the end of my series but neither the pts (presentation time stamp) nor
the frame number given by the AVFilterBufferRef structure produce valid
cutpoints in ProjectX. I'm new to most of the video internals and I
unfortunately have no idea how to solve this. It would be great if
someone could take a look at the code and point me to the right
direction or tell me how to improve things.

Many thanks in advance!
Martin Schlosser
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