[FFmpeg-user] Use advanced multi-threaded decoding ?

Lukas Österreicher lukas.oesterreicher at inode.at
Sat Apr 16 16:43:34 CEST 2011


FFmpeg (now) supports multithreaded decoding.
However it appears to me it does not support it as well as mencoder or
mplayer does.

When I use -lavdopts fast:threads=4 in mencoder, decoding of h264
content is much faster than compared to ffmpeg, at least as far as I
managed (with ffmpeg I can do 16fps, in mencoder 28! because of this).

Is there a way to tell ffmpeg to decode the video with like (or
simlarly) mencoder would if passing the "-lavdopts fast:threads=4"

Please answer to tell me if its possible, and if it is the case how.

Thanx in Advance!

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