[FFmpeg-user] Piping in ffmpeg? Using Libav to write to RTMP directly?

Jieyun Fu jieyunfu at mit.edu
Fri Apr 15 08:55:05 CEST 2011

Hi all,

One short version of the question: is there anyway to let Libav write to a
RTMP server directly? I only know how to write to a file on the disk, from

A very slightly longer version of the question: I have a video generator
that generates the video using libav, and is able to write the video into a
file on the disk. Now, I need to use ffmpeg to send this file to a RTMP
server simultaneously, when this video is being generated.

One way to solve this problem, is to let this video generator write the
video to say, output.flv, and then while this video is still being written,
fork a process from the video generator that executes:

 ffmpeg -re -i output.flv -f flv rtmp://server/output/ ( just an example,
skipped many parameters)

But is there anyway to use piping to avoid writing to the disk and then call
ffmpeg, but let ffmpeg takes my video generator as its input directly?

Thank you so much!


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