[FFmpeg-user] How to speed up RTSP...

andrea sarkiaponius at alice.it
Sun Apr 10 13:34:47 CEST 2011


I'm using a trivial command line like the following to download old
episodes of programmes only available as Real Audio streams:

ffmpeg -i
rtsp://mm6.rai.it/radiofonia/radio3/napoli/uomini_profeti/2010/uomini_profeti2010_09_19.ra test.ra

This works perfectly, but it takes 45 minutes to finish, because this is
the duration of the episode.

Is there a way to tell ffmpeg to go much faster? I was used to do that
with mplayer's option "-bandwidth" set to a very high value, but
currently mplayer doesn't work here at home with RTSP, most likely
because of stronger limitations on the traffic adopted by my new ISP.

Best regards.
andrea <sarkiaponius at alice.it>

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