[FFmpeg-soc] SOC Qualifiction tasks

Justin Ruggles justinruggles at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 15 20:44:24 CET 2008

Bartlomiej Wolowiec wrote:
> On sobota, 15 marca 2008, Justin Ruggles wrote:
>> 4. Do the same condition checks for E-AC3 as well, but we don't have a
>> nicely prepared list to work from.
> Ok. Unfortunately, most of the conditions from AC3 hasn't much  in common with 
> E-AC3, but I'll try to think of some correctness tests of the stream.

The design of E-AC3 actually gets rid of most of the invalid conditions
from AC3, but there are still a handful that will need to be checked for.

>> 5. Update the E-AC3 decoder to include all the changes since last update
>> and any subsequent changes.
> I should do it before or after those 3 points which I was given?

You can wait until after.

>> 6. There are a couple of samples which seem to be 7.1-channel. It would
>> be nice to get this working before SVN inclusion.
> I haven't seen 7.1 files. Where can I find them?

I'll upload to mphq samples.

>> 7. Error conclealment. Simple error concealment is fairly trivial. For
>> more robust detection and concealment, Michael made some great
>> suggestions for guidelines.  It would require some reworking of the AC3
>> parser.
> Can you give me some more explanations on this topic, because I think I don't 
> understand what do you mean properly

I will elaborate more in another email later today. Basically, the
complex part is in when to trust the header info. A damaged header can
give all sorts of problems that make it hard to conceal errors and lead
to losing sync.

>> 8. Prepare a final patch and go through the ffmpeg-devel review process.
>> So that's about it. :)  If anyone feels I should skip any of these steps
>> or change the priority, I am open to suggestions.
>> That said, I think a good SoC qualification task would be to work on #4
>> to #7 while I concentrate on #1 to #3.  Then once that's all ready, do
>> #8.  I will, of course, help with all of this and would make sure to
>> prioritize this over my other on-going projects.
> Ok, so I treat #4 to #7 as a qualification task, I'll try to do them as soon 
> as I have some free time:) 

Sounds great. I'll devote more time to getting this done as well.


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