[FFmpeg-soc] AAC decoder

Andreas Öman andreas at olebyn.nu
Mon Nov 12 10:47:07 CET 2007


After some discussions on IRC with Benjamin and Kostya we've come to the
conclusion that it might be a good idea to start over with a new file 
for the aac decoder.

* To prepare for a future decoder, name the decoder:


   and move the tables into aacdata.[ch]

* Remove all the stuff not related to AAC-LC
   (LTP, SBR). Nobody seems to know if this works.

* The file is a bit unstructured at the moment
   Code belonging to different tools are scattered all over.
   Virtually no relevant doxygen compatible comments, etc

The idea is to start of with a new file (ie, no svn cp'ing)
and move the necessary AAC-LC stuff there and get it into
shape for merging into ffmpeg's trunk.

The history of the current file is rather irrelevant
and will be around for the interested in the soc-repo.

If you disagree, speak now or be forever silent.

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