[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 1/5] lavu/pixfmt: add Y210/AYUV/Y410 pixel formats

James Darnley james.darnley at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 02:19:09 EEST 2019

On 2019-06-28 04:26, Linjie Fu wrote:
> Previously, media driver provided planar format(like 420 8 bit), but
> for HEVC Range Extension (422/444 8/10 bit), the decoded image is
> produced in packed format.
> Y210/AYUV/Y410 are packed formats which are needed in HEVC Rext decoding
> for both VAAPI and QSV:
>     - Y210: 422 10 BIT
>     - AYUV: 444  8 BIT
>     - Y410: 444 10 BIT

Why am I suspicious that at least one of those is a re-ordered v210?  I
seem to recall that we rejected adding v210 to this list.  Either they
don't belong in this list or they don't belong because libavcodec has a
proper decoder (at least for v210).

This might be the thread I was remembering but March seems too recent
> https://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-devel/2019-March/241549.html

No real conclusion was reached there.

Do bit-packed formats belong in an AVPixelFormat?

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