[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] kinect for windows v2 indev

Michael Zucchi notzed at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 05:46:07 EEST 2019


Here's a patch to add a "Kinect for Windows v2" camera indev via 
libfreenect2[1].  It exports up to 3x streams from the device: raw jpeg 
from the camera, the libfreenect2 decoded infra-red as 16-bit greyscale, 
and the libfreenect2 decoded depth as 16-bit greyscale in 0.1mm units 
(this matches the matlab data i've seen).

I have a few comments not addressed by the patch itself.

libfreenect2 is unfortunately c++ so this patch is also partly c++, if 
this isn't acceptable for ffmpeg inclusion let me know and i'll just 
publish the patch somewhere else. libfreenect2 is apache 2.0 or gnu gpl 
2.0 licensed, I'm not sure how that affects the licensing options/result.

It requires a small patch to libfreenect2[2] which i've submitted to 
that project but am still waiting for it to be applied.

I copied the way the decklink device integrates c++ into the build but 
some issues are outstanding although I imagine most apply equally to 
decklink.  The pkg-config check just checks against stdio.h as i 
couldn't work out how to do anything relevent with the libfreenect 
headers which only contain class declarations.  The makefile doesn't 
generate dependencies for .cpp files so incremental builds aren't 
absolutely consistent.  And finally the build spits out a bunch of 
?harmless? warnings from the c-specific arguments passed to g++.

The logging callback for libfreenect2 is global so the way i'm setting 
it might not be ideal.  Perhaps it should be a singleton and use a null 
or pseudo-class av log context?

I'm not a c++ coder so some of the c++ might be a bit archaic and 
possibly incorrect.  I've used the bare minimum c++ to get it working 
and it's mostly just c++'s c-ish dialect.

I've tested it on ubuntu 16.04 and successfully cross-compiled it to a 
microsoft windows target but haven't tested it there yet. I've done some 
limited valgrind testing but the noise from libfreenect2's dependencies 
is overwhelmingly voluminous.


[1] <https://openkinect.github.io/libfreenect2/> 

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