[FFmpeg-devel] VP9 RTP encoder and WebRTC

Alex Protasenko aprotasenko at bkmks.com
Sat Jun 1 20:35:00 EEST 2019


I'm trying to play some realtime video sources (web/IP cam) using WebRTC 
in a browser. I'm sending RTP stream via Janus gateway using VP9 codec, 
hardware transcoded using ffmpeg.

Everything works fine except random frame corruption happening around 
moving objects, portions of frame "flowing off the screen" and such 
until next keyframe fixes it. This happens consistently especially at 
higher framerates.

It turns out the issue  could be narrowed down to the VP9 RTP 
packetizer. The problem is it's not marking P frames vs I frames in the 
VP9 payload descriptor octet (the P bit). Gstreamer does that and 
doesn't experience any such corruption issues.

I added this simple change and now WebRTC plays any stream 100% solid 
and corruption free for me.

Could somebody implement this simple fix in the upstream. Basically 
in libavformat/rtpenc_vp9.c add something to the effect of the following 
two lines (to set the P bit for all but I frames):

     /* mark the first fragment */
     *rtp_ctx->buf_ptr++ = 0x08;

+    if (!keyframe) {
+        rtp_ctx->buf[0] |= 0x40;

Where the "keyframe" is an additional boolean parameter to the 
ff_rtp_send_vp9 function which could be called as:

ff_rtp_send_vp9(s1, pkt->data, size, pkt->flags & AV_PKT_FLAG_KEY);



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