[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avcodec: Allow to query number of consumed bytes using the new API

jannis_wth jannis_wth at gmx.de
Thu Jan 31 11:33:13 EET 2019

30.01.19 21:42 - jannis_wth:
> 30.01.19 21:02 - James Almer:
>> I guess avctx->internal->last_pkt_props could work for this, but it may
>> not be consistent across decoders.
> avctx->internal->last_pkt_props stores the properties of the last passed
> packet, and does not get updated on decoding frames. Since I set the
> input-packets size to a constant (size is unknown) this is not very
> helpfull..

My bad, avctx->internal->last_pkt_props works as expected. Thank you James.
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