[FFmpeg-devel] yadif frame doubling - incorrect closed captioning

Devin Heitmueller dheitmueller at kernellabs.com
Mon Jan 14 18:11:59 EET 2019

> > In short, a centralized function would be good, but we probably need
> > to think through what the API looks like so we don't have to introduce
> > a new API in libavutil and then deprecate it once we want to make the
> > splitting/combining logic work according to the spec.
> I fear that no matter how hard we try we will likely eventually run
> into cases that it cannot handle

Oh, I completely agree.  Some captions are just going to be too
screwed up to render.  However I think there are cases we can recover
from, and in particular I would like to make sure that streams created
with versions of ffmpeg before this patch continue to play properly
(i.e. where the stream only has caption data on every other frame and
the cc_count is 2x what it is supposed to be).

> also maybe 2 functions would keep this simpler
> one to deal with temporal transformations (frame drop, duplicate, interpolate,
> combine)
> one to deal with spatial transformations, crop, pad, scale, rotate

There shouldn't be any need for a function for spatial
transformations.  The expected cc_count is unrelated to the resolution
of the video.  It's tied exclusively to the framerate and whether you
are doing frame or field-level encoding when the video is interlaced.
The underlying goal was to ensure that the bitrate of the caption data
is a constant 9600bps and thus they wanted it to be spread evenly
across the frames/fields.  When people encounter problems going from
1080i to 720p for example, it's because that also involves framerate
conversion, not because the resolution of the individual video frames
is being changed.


Devin J. Heitmueller - Kernel Labs

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