[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Mark .rodata section as read only in COFF object file

Tom Tan Tom.Tan at microsoft.com
Fri Jan 11 21:38:11 EET 2019

Thanks Carl. Martin made a better fix when porting this to libav which uses .rdata as section name instead of .rodata with explicit read-only property. .rdata is read-only in COFF by default. I updated my patch accordingly, thanks Martin.

Yes, this applies to 32-bit arm for Windows, the new patch includes this update. This also affects Windows x86/x64, but this has already been handled as below macro from FFmpeg\libavutil\x86\x86inc.asm.

%macro SECTION_RODATA 0-1 16
    %ifidn __OUTPUT_FORMAT__,aout
        SECTION .text
    %elifidn __OUTPUT_FORMAT__,coff
        SECTION .text
    %elifidn __OUTPUT_FORMAT__,win32
        SECTION .rdata align=%1
    %elif WIN64
        SECTION .rdata align=%1
        SECTION .rodata align=%1

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2019-01-10 21:14 GMT+01:00, Tom Tan <Tom.Tan at microsoft.com>:
> .rodata directive from GAS assembly produces .rodata as read/write for 
> COFF object file by default (object file format for Windows), but read 
> only for ELF. This change marks it as read only explicitly for COFF.
> The issue happens when building Chromium for Windows ARM64, with FFmpeg.

Does this issue only apply to arm64 or also 32bit arm?

Carl Eugen
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