[FFmpeg-devel] logo detection

Uwe Freese uwe.freese at gmx.de
Thu Jan 3 22:03:31 EET 2019


> By the way, you would not be interested in developing a logo-detection
> filter, per chance? Something that detects is a certain rectangle is
> likely to contain a logo and computes its bounding box.

Currently, I don't need it so much, but nonetheless I though a bit about it:


Is there an "average" filter (or some filter that can be used like 
this)? I mean, a filter which creates the average of every one pixel for 
the whole video? (The last picture would then be the average of the 
whole video.)

I assume that the average value is "some grey", with some noise in it. 
The logo should be visible.

Then use "edgedetect" and we have the logo. Afterwards, some "eq" to 
make everything else black. Then "cropdetect". :)

Could this work? I would play a bit with this, but don't know how to 
calculate the "average" easy. Any ideas?


If something like this would work, is it intended to reuse existing 
ffmpeg filters in other ffmpeg filters? Do other filters combine logic 
from existing filters (making them available with one filter string in 
the filter graph)?


Playing around with edgedetection a bit (I wanted to mask edges and use 
a denoiser only in the remaining areas), I saw there seems no filter to 
convert a grey-level picture into pure black and white and no "and", 
"or", "invert" etc. filters, right? Or didn't I find them?


What should be the result of the filter? A text file with coordinates of 
the most likely position, or a list of positions and likelihood in 
percentage? I mean, the user has to check manually afterwards if the 
detection worked and call ffmpeg again with removing the logo at the 
given coordinates, right?

Regards, Uwe

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