[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/5] lavfi: add new iteration API

Josh de Kock josh at itanimul.li
Fri Mar 23 22:48:16 EET 2018

 configure                |  24 +-
 doc/APIchanges           |   4 +
 doc/writing_filters.txt  |   6 +-
 libavfilter/allfilters.c | 820 +++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------
 libavfilter/avfilter.c   |  45 ---
 libavfilter/avfilter.h   |  29 +-
 libavfilter/version.h    |   3 +
 7 files changed, 478 insertions(+), 453 deletions(-)

diff --git a/configure b/configure
index cc3edeb80f..2dedee79c2 100755
--- a/configure
+++ b/configure
@@ -3561,15 +3561,6 @@ for v in "$@"; do
-    thing=$1
-    pattern=$2
-    file=$source_path/$3
-    sed -n "s/^[^#]*$pattern.*([^,]*, *\([^,]*\)\(,.*\)*).*/\1_$thing/p" "$file"
-FILTER_LIST=$(find_things   filter   FILTER   libavfilter/allfilters.c)
@@ -3578,6 +3569,13 @@ find_things_extern(){
     sed -n "s/^[^#]*extern.*$pattern *ff_\([^ ]*\)_$thing;/\1_$out/p" "$file"
+    file=$source_path/$1
+    #sed -n "s/^extern AVFilter ff_\([avfsinkrc]\{2,5\}\)_\(\w\+\);/\2_filter/p" $file
+    sed -E -n "s/^extern AVFilter ff_([avfsinkrc]{2,5})_([a-zA-Z0-9]+);/\2_filter/p" $file
+FILTER_LIST=$(find_filters_extern libavfilter/allfilters.c)
 OUTDEV_LIST=$(find_things_extern muxer AVOutputFormat libavdevice/alldevices.c outdev)
 INDEV_LIST=$(find_things_extern demuxer AVInputFormat libavdevice/alldevices.c indev)
 MUXER_LIST=$(find_things_extern muxer AVOutputFormat libavformat/allformats.c)
@@ -7088,6 +7086,10 @@ echo "#endif /* AVUTIL_AVCONFIG_H */" >> $TMPH
 cp_if_changed $TMPH libavutil/avconfig.h
+    sed -n "s/^extern AVFilter ff_\([avfsinkrc]\{2,5\}\)_$1;/\1_$1/p" $source_path/libavfilter/allfilters.c
 # generate the lists of enabled components
@@ -7098,6 +7100,9 @@ print_enabled_components(){
     for c in $*; do
         if enabled $c; then
             case $name in
+                filter_list)
+                    c=$(full_filter_name $(remove_suffix _filter $c))
+                ;;
                     c=$(add_suffix _demuxer $(remove_suffix _indev $c))
@@ -7112,6 +7117,7 @@ print_enabled_components(){
     cp_if_changed $TMPH $file
+print_enabled_components libavfilter/filter_list.c AVFilter filter_list $FILTER_LIST
 print_enabled_components libavcodec/codec_list.c AVCodec codec_list $CODEC_LIST
 print_enabled_components libavcodec/parser_list.c AVCodecParser parser_list $PARSER_LIST
 print_enabled_components libavcodec/bsf_list.c AVBitStreamFilter bitstream_filters $BSF_LIST
diff --git a/doc/APIchanges b/doc/APIchanges
index d410bcdd75..4052988f59 100644
--- a/doc/APIchanges
+++ b/doc/APIchanges
@@ -15,6 +15,10 @@ libavutil:     2017-10-21
 API changes, most recent first:
+2018-xx-xx - xxxxxxx - lavc 7.13.100 - avcodec.h
+  Deprecate use of avfilter_register(), avfilter_register_all(),
+  avfilter_next(). Add av_filter_iterate().
 2018-03-21 - xxxxxxx - lavc 58.15.100 - avcodec.h
   Add av_packet_make_writable().
diff --git a/doc/writing_filters.txt b/doc/writing_filters.txt
index 5cd4ecd6a4..98b9c6f3d2 100644
--- a/doc/writing_filters.txt
+++ b/doc/writing_filters.txt
@@ -31,10 +31,8 @@ If everything went right, you should get a foobar.png with Lena edge-detected.
 That's it, your new playground is ready.
 Some little details about what's going on:
-libavfilter/allfilters.c:avfilter_register_all() is called at runtime to create
-a list of the available filters, but it's important to know that this file is
-also parsed by the configure script, which in turn will define variables for
-the build system and the C:
+libavfilter/allfilters.c:this file is parsed by the configure script, which in turn
+will define variables for the build system and the C:
     --- after running configure ---
diff --git a/libavfilter/allfilters.c b/libavfilter/allfilters.c
index 3f67e321bf..2c63f02a54 100644
--- a/libavfilter/allfilters.c
+++ b/libavfilter/allfilters.c
@@ -23,410 +23,452 @@
 #include "avfilter.h"
 #include "config.h"
+extern AVFilter ff_af_abench;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_acompressor;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_acontrast;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_acopy;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_acrossfade;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_acrusher;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_adelay;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_aecho;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_aemphasis;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_aeval;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_afade;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_afftfilt;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_afir;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_aformat;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_agate;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_aiir;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_ainterleave;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_alimiter;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_allpass;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_aloop;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_amerge;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_ametadata;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_amix;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_anequalizer;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_anull;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_apad;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_aperms;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_aphaser;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_apulsator;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_arealtime;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_aresample;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_areverse;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_aselect;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_asendcmd;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_asetnsamples;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_asetpts;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_asetrate;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_asettb;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_ashowinfo;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_asidedata;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_asplit;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_astats;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_astreamselect;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_atempo;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_atrim;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_azmq;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_bandpass;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_bandreject;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_bass;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_biquad;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_bs2b;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_channelmap;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_channelsplit;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_chorus;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_compand;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_compensationdelay;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_crossfeed;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_crystalizer;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_dcshift;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_drmeter;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_dynaudnorm;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_earwax;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_ebur128;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_equalizer;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_extrastereo;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_firequalizer;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_flanger;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_haas;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_hdcd;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_headphone;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_highpass;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_join;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_ladspa;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_loudnorm;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_lowpass;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_lv2;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_mcompand;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_pan;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_replaygain;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_resample;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_rubberband;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_sidechaincompress;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_sidechaingate;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_silencedetect;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_silenceremove;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_sofalizer;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_stereotools;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_stereowiden;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_superequalizer;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_surround;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_treble;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_tremolo;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_vibrato;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_volume;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_volumedetect;
-#define REGISTER_FILTER(X, x, y)                                        \
-    {                                                                   \
-        extern AVFilter ff_##y##_##x;                                   \
-        if (CONFIG_##X##_FILTER)                                        \
-            avfilter_register(&ff_##y##_##x);                           \
-    }
+extern AVFilter ff_asrc_aevalsrc;
+extern AVFilter ff_asrc_anoisesrc;
+extern AVFilter ff_asrc_anullsrc;
+extern AVFilter ff_asrc_flite;
+extern AVFilter ff_asrc_hilbert;
+extern AVFilter ff_asrc_sine;
-#define REGISTER_FILTER_UNCONDITIONAL(x)                                \
-    {                                                                   \
-        extern AVFilter ff_##x;                                         \
-        avfilter_register(&ff_##x);                                     \
-    }
+extern AVFilter ff_asink_anullsink;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_alphaextract;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_alphamerge;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_ass;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_atadenoise;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_avgblur;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_avgblur_opencl;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_bbox;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_bench;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_bitplanenoise;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_blackdetect;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_blackframe;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_blend;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_boxblur;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_bwdif;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_chromakey;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_ciescope;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_codecview;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_colorbalance;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_colorchannelmixer;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_colorkey;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_colorlevels;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_colormatrix;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_colorspace;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_convolution;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_convolve;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_copy;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_coreimage;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_cover_rect;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_crop;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_cropdetect;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_curves;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_datascope;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_dctdnoiz;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_deband;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_decimate;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_deconvolve;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_deflate;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_deflicker;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_deinterlace_qsv;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_deinterlace_vaapi;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_dejudder;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_delogo;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_denoise_vaapi;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_deshake;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_despill;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_detelecine;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_dilation;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_displace;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_doubleweave;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_drawbox;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_drawgraph;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_drawgrid;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_drawtext;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_edgedetect;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_elbg;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_entropy;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_eq;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_erosion;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_extractplanes;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_fade;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_fftfilt;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_field;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_fieldhint;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_fieldmatch;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_fieldorder;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_fillborders;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_find_rect;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_floodfill;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_format;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_fps;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_framepack;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_framerate;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_framestep;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_frei0r;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_fspp;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_gblur;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_geq;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_gradfun;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_haldclut;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_hflip;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_histeq;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_histogram;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_hqdn3d;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_hqx;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_hstack;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_hue;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_hwdownload;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_hwmap;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_hwupload;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_hwupload_cuda;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_hysteresis;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_idet;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_il;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_inflate;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_interlace;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_interleave;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_kerndeint;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_lenscorrection;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_libvmaf;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_limiter;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_loop;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_lumakey;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_lut;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_lut2;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_lut3d;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_lutrgb;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_lutyuv;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_maskedclamp;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_maskedmerge;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_mcdeint;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_mergeplanes;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_mestimate;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_metadata;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_midequalizer;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_minterpolate;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_mix;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_mpdecimate;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_negate;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_nlmeans;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_nnedi;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_noformat;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_noise;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_normalize;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_null;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_ocr;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_ocv;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_oscilloscope;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_overlay;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_overlay_opencl;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_overlay_qsv;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_owdenoise;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_pad;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_palettegen;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_paletteuse;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_perms;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_perspective;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_phase;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_pixdesctest;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_pixscope;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_pp;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_pp7;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_premultiply;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_prewitt;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_procamp_vaapi;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_program_opencl;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_pseudocolor;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_psnr;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_pullup;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_qp;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_random;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_readeia608;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_readvitc;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_realtime;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_remap;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_removegrain;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_removelogo;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_repeatfields;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_reverse;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_roberts;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_rotate;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_sab;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_scale;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_scale_cuda;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_scale_npp;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_scale_qsv;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_scale_vaapi;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_scale2ref;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_select;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_selectivecolor;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_sendcmd;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_separatefields;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_setdar;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_setfield;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_setpts;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_setrange;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_setsar;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_settb;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_sharpness_vaapi;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_showinfo;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_showpalette;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_shuffleframes;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_shuffleplanes;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_sidedata;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_signalstats;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_signature;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_smartblur;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_sobel;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_split;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_spp;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_ssim;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_stereo3d;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_streamselect;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_subtitles;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_super2xsai;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_swaprect;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_swapuv;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_tblend;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_telecine;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_threshold;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_thumbnail;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_thumbnail_cuda;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_tile;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_tinterlace;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_tlut2;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_tonemap;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_transpose;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_trim;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_unpremultiply;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_unsharp;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_unsharp_opencl;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_uspp;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_vaguedenoiser;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_vectorscope;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_vflip;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_vidstabdetect;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_vidstabtransform;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_vignette;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_vmafmotion;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_vpp_qsv;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_vstack;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_w3fdif;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_waveform;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_weave;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_xbr;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_yadif;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_zmq;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_zoompan;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_zscale;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_allrgb;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_allyuv;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_cellauto;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_color;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_coreimagesrc;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_frei0r_src;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_haldclutsrc;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_life;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_mandelbrot;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_mptestsrc;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_nullsrc;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_openclsrc;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_rgbtestsrc;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_smptebars;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_smptehdbars;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_testsrc;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_testsrc2;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_yuvtestsrc;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsink_nullsink;
+/* multimedia filters */
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_abitscope;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_adrawgraph;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_ahistogram;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_aphasemeter;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_avectorscope;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_concat;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_showcqt;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_showfreqs;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_showspectrum;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_showspectrumpic;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_showvolume;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_showwaves;
+extern AVFilter ff_avf_showwavespic;
+extern AVFilter ff_vaf_spectrumsynth;
-static void register_all(void)
+/* multimedia sources */
+extern AVFilter ff_avsrc_amovie;
+extern AVFilter ff_avsrc_movie;
+/* those filters are part of public or internal API */
+extern AVFilter ff_asrc_abuffer;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsrc_buffer;
+extern AVFilter ff_asink_abuffer;
+extern AVFilter ff_vsink_buffer;
+extern AVFilter ff_af_afifo;
+extern AVFilter ff_vf_fifo;
+#include "libavfilter/filter_list.c"
+const AVFilter *av_filter_iterate(void **opaque)
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ABENCH,         abench,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ACOMPRESSOR,    acompressor,    af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ACONTRAST,      acontrast,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ACOPY,          acopy,          af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ACROSSFADE,     acrossfade,     af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ACRUSHER,       acrusher,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ADELAY,         adelay,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AECHO,          aecho,          af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AEMPHASIS,      aemphasis,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AEVAL,          aeval,          af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AFADE,          afade,          af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AFFTFILT,       afftfilt,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AFIR,           afir,           af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AFORMAT,        aformat,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AGATE,          agate,          af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AIIR,           aiir,           af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AINTERLEAVE,    ainterleave,    af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ALIMITER,       alimiter,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ALLPASS,        allpass,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ALOOP,          aloop,          af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AMERGE,         amerge,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AMETADATA,      ametadata,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AMIX,           amix,           af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ANEQUALIZER,    anequalizer,    af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ANULL,          anull,          af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(APAD,           apad,           af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(APERMS,         aperms,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(APHASER,        aphaser,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(APULSATOR,      apulsator,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AREALTIME,      arealtime,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ARESAMPLE,      aresample,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AREVERSE,       areverse,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASELECT,        aselect,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASENDCMD,       asendcmd,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASETNSAMPLES,   asetnsamples,   af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASETPTS,        asetpts,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASETRATE,       asetrate,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASETTB,         asettb,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASHOWINFO,      ashowinfo,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASIDEDATA,      asidedata,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASPLIT,         asplit,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASTATS,         astats,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASTREAMSELECT,  astreamselect,  af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ATEMPO,         atempo,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ATRIM,          atrim,          af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AZMQ,           azmq,           af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BANDPASS,       bandpass,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BANDREJECT,     bandreject,     af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BASS,           bass,           af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BIQUAD,         biquad,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BS2B,           bs2b,           af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CHANNELMAP,     channelmap,     af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CHANNELSPLIT,   channelsplit,   af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CHORUS,         chorus,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COMPAND,        compand,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COMPENSATIONDELAY, compensationdelay, af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CROSSFEED,      crossfeed,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CRYSTALIZER,    crystalizer,    af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DCSHIFT,        dcshift,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DRMETER,        drmeter,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DYNAUDNORM,     dynaudnorm,     af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(EARWAX,         earwax,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(EBUR128,        ebur128,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(EQUALIZER,      equalizer,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(EXTRASTEREO,    extrastereo,    af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FIREQUALIZER,   firequalizer,   af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FLANGER,        flanger,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HAAS,           haas,           af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HDCD,           hdcd,           af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HEADPHONE,      headphone,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HIGHPASS,       highpass,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(JOIN,           join,           af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LADSPA,         ladspa,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LOUDNORM,       loudnorm,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LOWPASS,        lowpass,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LV2,            lv2,            af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MCOMPAND,       mcompand,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PAN,            pan,            af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(REPLAYGAIN,     replaygain,     af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(RESAMPLE,       resample,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(RUBBERBAND,     rubberband,     af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SIDECHAINCOMPRESS, sidechaincompress, af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SIDECHAINGATE,  sidechaingate,  af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SILENCEDETECT,  silencedetect,  af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SILENCEREMOVE,  silenceremove,  af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SOFALIZER,      sofalizer,      af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(STEREOTOOLS,    stereotools,    af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(STEREOWIDEN,    stereowiden,    af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SUPEREQUALIZER, superequalizer, af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SURROUND,       surround,       af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TREBLE,         treble,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TREMOLO,        tremolo,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VIBRATO,        vibrato,        af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VOLUME,         volume,         af);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VOLUMEDETECT,   volumedetect,   af);
+    uintptr_t i = (uintptr_t)*opaque;
+    const AVFilter *f = filter_list[i];
+    if (f)
+        *opaque = (void*)(i + 1);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AEVALSRC,       aevalsrc,       asrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ANOISESRC,      anoisesrc,      asrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ANULLSRC,       anullsrc,       asrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FLITE,          flite,          asrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HILBERT,        hilbert,        asrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SINE,           sine,           asrc);
+    return f;
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ANULLSINK,      anullsink,      asink);
+const AVFilter *avfilter_get_by_name(const char *name)
+    const AVFilter *f = NULL;
+    void *opaque = 0;
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ALPHAEXTRACT,   alphaextract,   vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ALPHAMERGE,     alphamerge,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ASS,            ass,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ATADENOISE,     atadenoise,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AVGBLUR,        avgblur,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AVGBLUR_OPENCL, avgblur_opencl, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BBOX,           bbox,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BENCH,          bench,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BITPLANENOISE,  bitplanenoise,  vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BLACKDETECT,    blackdetect,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BLACKFRAME,     blackframe,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BLEND,          blend,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BOXBLUR,        boxblur,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(BWDIF,          bwdif,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CHROMAKEY,      chromakey,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CIESCOPE,       ciescope,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CODECVIEW,      codecview,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COLORBALANCE,   colorbalance,   vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COLORCHANNELMIXER, colorchannelmixer, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COLORKEY,       colorkey,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COLORLEVELS,    colorlevels,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COLORMATRIX,    colormatrix,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COLORSPACE,     colorspace,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CONVOLUTION,    convolution,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CONVOLVE,       convolve,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COPY,           copy,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COREIMAGE,      coreimage,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COVER_RECT,     cover_rect,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CROP,           crop,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CROPDETECT,     cropdetect,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CURVES,         curves,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DATASCOPE,      datascope,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DCTDNOIZ,       dctdnoiz,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DEBAND,         deband,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DECIMATE,       decimate,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DECONVOLVE,     deconvolve,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DEFLATE,        deflate,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DEFLICKER,      deflicker,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DEINTERLACE_QSV,deinterlace_qsv,vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DEINTERLACE_VAAPI, deinterlace_vaapi, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DEJUDDER,       dejudder,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DELOGO,         delogo,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DENOISE_VAAPI,  denoise_vaapi,  vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DESHAKE,        deshake,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DESPILL,        despill,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DETELECINE,     detelecine,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DILATION,       dilation,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DISPLACE,       displace,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DOUBLEWEAVE,    doubleweave,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DRAWBOX,        drawbox,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DRAWGRAPH,      drawgraph,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DRAWGRID,       drawgrid,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(DRAWTEXT,       drawtext,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(EDGEDETECT,     edgedetect,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ELBG,           elbg,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ENTROPY,        entropy,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(EQ,             eq,             vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(EROSION,        erosion,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(EXTRACTPLANES,  extractplanes,  vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FADE,           fade,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FFTFILT,        fftfilt,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FIELD,          field,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FIELDHINT,      fieldhint,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FIELDMATCH,     fieldmatch,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FIELDORDER,     fieldorder,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FILLBORDERS,    fillborders,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FIND_RECT,      find_rect,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FLOODFILL,      floodfill,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FORMAT,         format,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FPS,            fps,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FRAMEPACK,      framepack,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FRAMERATE,      framerate,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FRAMESTEP,      framestep,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FREI0R,         frei0r,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FSPP,           fspp,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(GBLUR,          gblur,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(GEQ,            geq,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(GRADFUN,        gradfun,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HALDCLUT,       haldclut,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HFLIP,          hflip,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HISTEQ,         histeq,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HISTOGRAM,      histogram,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HQDN3D,         hqdn3d,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HQX,            hqx,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HSTACK,         hstack,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HUE,            hue,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HWDOWNLOAD,     hwdownload,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HWMAP,          hwmap,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HWUPLOAD,       hwupload,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HWUPLOAD_CUDA,  hwupload_cuda,  vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HYSTERESIS,     hysteresis,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(IDET,           idet,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(IL,             il,             vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(INFLATE,        inflate,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(INTERLACE,      interlace,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(INTERLEAVE,     interleave,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(KERNDEINT,      kerndeint,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LENSCORRECTION, lenscorrection, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LIBVMAF,        libvmaf,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LIMITER,        limiter,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LOOP,           loop,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LUMAKEY,        lumakey,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LUT,            lut,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LUT2,           lut2,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LUT3D,          lut3d,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LUTRGB,         lutrgb,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LUTYUV,         lutyuv,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MASKEDCLAMP,    maskedclamp,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MASKEDMERGE,    maskedmerge,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MCDEINT,        mcdeint,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MERGEPLANES,    mergeplanes,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MESTIMATE,      mestimate,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(METADATA,       metadata,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MIDEQUALIZER,   midequalizer,   vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MINTERPOLATE,   minterpolate,   vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MIX,            mix,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MPDECIMATE,     mpdecimate,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(NEGATE,         negate,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(NLMEANS,        nlmeans,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(NNEDI,          nnedi,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(NOFORMAT,       noformat,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(NOISE,          noise,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(NORMALIZE,      normalize,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(NULL,           null,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(OCR,            ocr,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(OCV,            ocv,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(OSCILLOSCOPE,   oscilloscope,   vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(OVERLAY,        overlay,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(OVERLAY_OPENCL, overlay_opencl, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(OVERLAY_QSV,    overlay_qsv,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(OWDENOISE,      owdenoise,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PAD,            pad,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PALETTEGEN,     palettegen,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PALETTEUSE,     paletteuse,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PERMS,          perms,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PERSPECTIVE,    perspective,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PHASE,          phase,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PIXDESCTEST,    pixdesctest,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PIXSCOPE,       pixscope,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PP,             pp,             vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PP7,            pp7,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PREMULTIPLY,    premultiply,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PREWITT,        prewitt,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PROCAMP_VAAPI,  procamp_vaapi,  vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PROGRAM_OPENCL, program_opencl, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PSEUDOCOLOR,    pseudocolor,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PSNR,           psnr,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(PULLUP,         pullup,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(QP,             qp,             vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(RANDOM,         random,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(READEIA608,     readeia608,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(READVITC,       readvitc,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(REALTIME,       realtime,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(REMAP,          remap,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(REMOVEGRAIN,    removegrain,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(REMOVELOGO,     removelogo,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(REPEATFIELDS,   repeatfields,   vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(REVERSE,        reverse,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ROBERTS,        roberts,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ROTATE,         rotate,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SAB,            sab,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SCALE,          scale,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SCALE_CUDA,     scale_cuda,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SCALE_NPP,      scale_npp,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SCALE_QSV,      scale_qsv,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SCALE_VAAPI,    scale_vaapi,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SCALE2REF,      scale2ref,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SELECT,         select,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SELECTIVECOLOR, selectivecolor, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SENDCMD,        sendcmd,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SEPARATEFIELDS, separatefields, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SETDAR,         setdar,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SETFIELD,       setfield,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SETPTS,         setpts,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SETRANGE,       setrange,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SETSAR,         setsar,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SETTB,          settb,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHARPNESS_VAAPI, sharpness_vaapi, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHOWINFO,       showinfo,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHOWPALETTE,    showpalette,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHUFFLEFRAMES,  shuffleframes,  vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHUFFLEPLANES,  shuffleplanes,  vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SIDEDATA,       sidedata,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SIGNALSTATS,    signalstats,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SIGNATURE,      signature,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SMARTBLUR,      smartblur,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SOBEL,          sobel,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SPLIT,          split,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SPP,            spp,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SSIM,           ssim,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(STEREO3D,       stereo3d,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(STREAMSELECT,   streamselect,   vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SUBTITLES,      subtitles,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SUPER2XSAI,     super2xsai,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SWAPRECT,       swaprect,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SWAPUV,         swapuv,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TBLEND,         tblend,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TELECINE,       telecine,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(THRESHOLD,      threshold,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(THUMBNAIL,      thumbnail,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(THUMBNAIL_CUDA, thumbnail_cuda, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TILE,           tile,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TINTERLACE,     tinterlace,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TLUT2,          tlut2,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TONEMAP,        tonemap,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TRANSPOSE,      transpose,      vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TRIM,           trim,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(UNPREMULTIPLY,  unpremultiply,  vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(UNSHARP,        unsharp,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(UNSHARP_OPENCL, unsharp_opencl, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(USPP,           uspp,           vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VAGUEDENOISER,  vaguedenoiser,  vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VECTORSCOPE,    vectorscope,    vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VFLIP,          vflip,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VIDSTABDETECT,  vidstabdetect,  vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VIDSTABTRANSFORM, vidstabtransform, vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VIGNETTE,       vignette,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VMAFMOTION,     vmafmotion,     vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VPP_QSV,        vpp_qsv,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(VSTACK,         vstack,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(W3FDIF,         w3fdif,         vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(WAVEFORM,       waveform,       vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(WEAVE,          weave,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(XBR,            xbr,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(YADIF,          yadif,          vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ZMQ,            zmq,            vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ZOOMPAN,        zoompan,        vf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ZSCALE,         zscale,         vf);
+    if (!name)
+        return NULL;
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ALLRGB,         allrgb,         vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ALLYUV,         allyuv,         vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CELLAUTO,       cellauto,       vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COLOR,          color,          vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(COREIMAGESRC,   coreimagesrc,   vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(FREI0R,         frei0r_src,     vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(HALDCLUTSRC,    haldclutsrc,    vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(LIFE,           life,           vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MANDELBROT,     mandelbrot,     vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MPTESTSRC,      mptestsrc,      vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(NULLSRC,        nullsrc,        vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(OPENCLSRC,      openclsrc,      vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(RGBTESTSRC,     rgbtestsrc,     vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SMPTEBARS,      smptebars,      vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SMPTEHDBARS,    smptehdbars,    vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TESTSRC,        testsrc,        vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(TESTSRC2,       testsrc2,       vsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(YUVTESTSRC,     yuvtestsrc,     vsrc);
+    while ((f = av_filter_iterate(&opaque)))
+        if (!strcmp(f->name, name))
+            return (AVFilter *)f;
-    REGISTER_FILTER(NULLSINK,       nullsink,       vsink);
+    return NULL;
-    /* multimedia filters */
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ABITSCOPE,      abitscope,      avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(ADRAWGRAPH,     adrawgraph,     avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AHISTOGRAM,     ahistogram,     avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(APHASEMETER,    aphasemeter,    avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AVECTORSCOPE,   avectorscope,   avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(CONCAT,         concat,         avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHOWCQT,        showcqt,        avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHOWFREQS,      showfreqs,      avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHOWSPECTRUM,   showspectrum,   avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHOWSPECTRUMPIC, showspectrumpic, avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHOWVOLUME,     showvolume,     avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHOWWAVES,      showwaves,      avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SHOWWAVESPIC,   showwavespic,   avf);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(SPECTRUMSYNTH,  spectrumsynth,  vaf);
-    /* multimedia sources */
-    REGISTER_FILTER(AMOVIE,         amovie,         avsrc);
-    REGISTER_FILTER(MOVIE,          movie,          avsrc);
+static AVOnce av_filter_next_init = AV_ONCE_INIT;
-    /* those filters are part of public or internal API => registered
-     * unconditionally */
+static void av_filter_init_next(void)
+    AVFilter *prev = NULL, *p;
+    void *i = 0;
+    while ((p = (AVFilter*)av_filter_iterate(&i))) {
+        if (prev)
+            prev->next = p;
+        prev = p;
+    }
 void avfilter_register_all(void)
-    static AVOnce control = AV_ONCE_INIT;
+    ff_thread_once(&av_filter_next_init, av_filter_init_next);
+int avfilter_register(AVFilter *filter)
+    ff_thread_once(&av_filter_next_init, av_filter_init_next);
+    return 0;
+const AVFilter *avfilter_next(const AVFilter *prev)
+    ff_thread_once(&av_filter_next_init, av_filter_init_next);
-    ff_thread_once(&control, register_all);
+    return prev ? prev->next : filter_list[0];
diff --git a/libavfilter/avfilter.c b/libavfilter/avfilter.c
index 7553f7c36a..0cea719122 100644
--- a/libavfilter/avfilter.c
+++ b/libavfilter/avfilter.c
@@ -575,51 +575,6 @@ int avfilter_process_command(AVFilterContext *filter, const char *cmd, const cha
     return AVERROR(ENOSYS);
-static AVFilter *first_filter;
-static AVFilter **last_filter = &first_filter;
-const AVFilter *avfilter_get_by_name(const char *name)
-    const AVFilter *f = NULL;
-    if (!name)
-        return NULL;
-    while ((f = avfilter_next(f)))
-        if (!strcmp(f->name, name))
-            return (AVFilter *)f;
-    return NULL;
-static AVMutex filter_register_mutex = AV_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;
-int avfilter_register(AVFilter *filter)
-    AVFilter **f;
-    /* the filter must select generic or internal exclusively */
-    ff_mutex_lock(&filter_register_mutex);
-    f = last_filter;
-    while (*f)
-        f = &(*f)->next;
-    *f = filter;
-    filter->next = NULL;
-    last_filter = &filter->next;
-    ff_mutex_unlock(&filter_register_mutex);
-    return 0;
-const AVFilter *avfilter_next(const AVFilter *prev)
-    return prev ? prev->next : first_filter;
 int avfilter_pad_count(const AVFilterPad *pads)
     int count;
diff --git a/libavfilter/avfilter.h b/libavfilter/avfilter.h
index 2d1195eeeb..9d70e7118b 100644
--- a/libavfilter/avfilter.h
+++ b/libavfilter/avfilter.h
@@ -697,7 +697,20 @@ int avfilter_config_links(AVFilterContext *filter);
 int avfilter_process_command(AVFilterContext *filter, const char *cmd, const char *arg, char *res, int res_len, int flags);
+ * Iterate over all registered filters.
+ *
+ * @param opaque a pointer where libavfilter will store the iteration state. Must
+ *               point to NULL to start the iteration.
+ *
+ * @return the next registered filter or NULL when the iteration is
+ *         finished
+ */
+const AVFilter *av_filter_iterate(void **opaque);
 /** Initialize the filter system. Register all builtin filters. */
 void avfilter_register_all(void);
@@ -710,8 +723,18 @@ void avfilter_register_all(void);
  * @return 0 if the registration was successful, a negative value
  * otherwise
 int avfilter_register(AVFilter *filter);
+ * Iterate over all registered filters.
+ * @return If prev is non-NULL, next registered filter after prev or NULL if
+ * prev is the last filter. If prev is NULL, return the first registered filter.
+ */
+const AVFilter *avfilter_next(const AVFilter *prev);
  * Get a filter definition matching the given name.
@@ -721,12 +744,6 @@ int avfilter_register(AVFilter *filter);
 const AVFilter *avfilter_get_by_name(const char *name);
- * Iterate over all registered filters.
- * @return If prev is non-NULL, next registered filter after prev or NULL if
- * prev is the last filter. If prev is NULL, return the first registered filter.
- */
-const AVFilter *avfilter_next(const AVFilter *prev);
  * Initialize a filter with the supplied parameters.
diff --git a/libavfilter/version.h b/libavfilter/version.h
index babb4187b4..8d77a500bf 100644
--- a/libavfilter/version.h
+++ b/libavfilter/version.h
@@ -58,5 +58,8 @@
+#ifndef FF_API_NEXT
+#define FF_API_NEXT                         (LIBAVFILTER_VERSION_MAJOR < 8)
 #endif /* AVFILTER_VERSION_H */
2.14.3 (Apple Git-98)

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