[FFmpeg-devel] [DISCUSSION] New iteration APIs, lavf and lavd

Nicolas F. ffmpeg at fratti.ch
Fri Mar 23 14:44:58 EET 2018

Nicolas George
>Your summary of the API changes is not detailed enough for somebody who
>was not involved in the previous discussions. Please be more detailed
>and start from scratch.

Thankfully, you are always involved in every long and drawn-out discussion, which is a very handy coincidence, so if someone has questions about the summary of the API changes, I believe it could be incredibly helpful if you already just went ahead and filled in everyone on those.

>If your proposal breaks that, if your proposal requires changes to
>applications in order to allow them to uses devices in place of
>(de)muxers, then it is not acceptable.

I guess FFmpeg can never ever change the API again then. Pack it up folks.

>Option 5: revert the new API as is for now, design it better, not
>rushing things and learning from the mistakes made on this one.

It has been months. This wasn't rushed. You either disagree with the design or with having the patch author contribute to FFmpeg, but either way, postponing this further isn't going to solve whatever issue you have with it.

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