[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v2] lavf/movenc: write track title metadata for mov files

Courtland Idstrom cidstrom at telltalegames.com
Tue Mar 20 06:48:33 EET 2018

> Are you sure this is correct? The links above describe '©nam' as the
> title of the content, and 'name' as 'Name of Object", whatever that is
> supposed to mean.

>From the spec, '©nam' appears to be a localized entry, which can also be
set per-track in Quicktime (exposed via their annotations editor). Name
appears to be the primary non-localized field used to identify the track,
which is the value I'm looking to set. I started with a Quicktime file as
my target (for some post production work), and worked backwards to figure
out how this field was encoded.

> Does this match what the MP4 spec says for 'name'?

I'm not familiar with the MP4 spec -- the specs I found online included the
definition of the user-data 'udta' section, but only one enumerated child
atom, which is copyright.

Any advice here? It's a requirement for my project that I set this field,
and the way it's being used for mp4 seemed exactly like what I wanted for
mov, and works perfectly. I submitted an earlier patch which included this
as an optional feature behind a flag, and I got a suggestion that since
it's a well-defined field, that perhaps it didn't need to be optional.


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