[FFmpeg-devel] OpenCV filter should be built as C++, and C builds fail since OpenCV 3.4.1

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Mon Mar 19 18:28:45 EET 2018

On Mon, 19 Mar 2018 09:35:22 -0400
Jeff Cook <jeff.cook at strongstrata.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> Please see the bug report at https://github.com/opencv/opencv/issues/10963 , which discusses OpenCV's failure to build as pure C since upstream version 3.4.1, and also discusses how all modules that use OpenCV 2 or later should be compiled as C++ to avoid esoteric issues and serious breakages.
> There is a large amount of discussion there that I don't want to needlessly duplicate and/or badly summarize here, but the high-level overview is that it seems that ffmpeg will need to convert avfilter/vf_opencv.c to build as C++ if the OpenCV filter is going to continue to work. The current situation is affecting many prominent projects like VLC.

FFmpeg is a C project, and due to missing features in C++ (initializers)
it's very awkward to build things in C++ mode. Can't OpenCV just fix
their stuff.

(Ignore my previous mail, bad mail client.)

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