[FFmpeg-devel] Using FFmpeg as standalone EXE in commercial product.

Cody Herzog codyherzog at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 18:47:35 EET 2018


I'm working on a closed-source commercial product, and I would like
to deliver FFmpeg as a stand-alone EXE with my installer.

My program will call into FFmpeg using the Windows CreateProcess()
API, and will stream to it through standard input.

I have made a minimal build of FFmpeg which excludes GPL components,
and also excludes all codecs. I'm only using some file muxing

Because I am not linking with FFmpeg, I'm curious as to what
requirements, if any, must be met in terms of the LGPL license.

I found the following thread, which already includes some good


Beyond what's covered in that thread, I'm curious whether the entire
licensing checklist on the following page still applies to my


>From the perspective of active FFmpeg developers, which of those
items should be handled in my use case?


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