[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH V4 1/7] lavfi: VAAPI VPP common infrastructure.

Mark Thompson sw at jkqxz.net
Mon Jan 22 01:14:55 EET 2018

On 20/01/18 12:47, Jun Zhao wrote:
> V4: - Fix the wrong ctx lead to scale_vaapi filter crash issue.
>     - Follow Mark's suggestion use VAAPIVPPContext as the first field in FooVAAPICOntext.
>     - Add "ff_" prefix to common VPP function.
>     - Add range map to procamp_vaapi filter.
>     - Split misc_vaapi as denoise_vaapi/sharpness_vaapi.
> V3: - Fix the error handle in vaapi_vpp.
>     - Fix the build issue and remove the duplicated header file
>     - Add a entry to Changelog for procamp_vaapi filter.
> V2: - Fix the resource leak in procamp/misc VPP filter.
>     - Re-work the common VAAPIVPPContext and specific VPP context part
>       like VAAPIVPPContext+ScaleVAAPIContext, borrowing the idea from
>       vaapi_encode.
>     - misc vpp part need to refactoring, and I don't have good idea
>       about the file name for vf_misc_vaapi.c, sadly.

LGTM and tested.  I made some minor fixups (remove vestigial reference to misc_vaapi filter in 5/7, merge the trivial 6 and 7 into 4 and 5 respectively, some cosmetics) and applied.

One slightly weird effect I observed in testing is that if you run the procamp filter without any arguments (that is, with no nondefault h/s/c/b options) on the i965 driver then the output is green (YUV zeroes).  The code looks kindof ok in that case (it provides a buffer containing zero filters), but maybe that's not allowed?


- Mark

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