[FFmpeg-devel] Length requirements documentation for concat

Observator Casualis ObservatorCasualis at gmx.de
Thu Jan 4 15:24:31 EET 2018

Hi there,

the documentation for "concat" seems so be lacking a detail on

I tried to concatenate two .mp4 videos (both H264 1920x1080 25fps + AAC
stereo 48000Hz) by concat protocol and concat demuxer. The second video
was very short (less than a second).
The result was that the concatenated video did not show the short video.

After some tries I found out, that in order for this to work, the short
video has to be at least about 2 seconds long.

I would like to suggest, that the documentation for concat should be
extended to include a note about minimal length requirements.

Thanks in advance and regards!

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