[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 2/3] lavf/avio: temporarily accept 0 as EOF.

Jan Ekstrom jeebjp at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 21:40:02 EEST 2017

On Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 9:33 PM, Nicolas George <george at nsup.org> wrote:
> It is standard parlance in networking: stream protocols produce a stream
> of octets, without any additional structure, while packet protocols
> produce packets, which are delimited at protocol level and visible by
> the application, and can be empty.

Gotcha. Seems like it's called "/* default: stream file */" in the
current code base, which is why I couldn't find references to stream

> FFmpeg distinguishes packet protocols with the max_packet_size: if it is
> 0, it is a stream protocol, if not a packet protocol.


Please send the patch-set v2 with the related fixes (the av_log in 2/3
and the correct ret in 3/3) as with that I think this all looks good
to go :) .


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