[FFmpeg-devel] Build Errors

Timo Rothenpieler timo at rothenpieler.org
Sun Oct 15 11:42:02 EEST 2017

Am 15.10.2017 um 10:21 schrieb Yogender Gupta:
>>> I build on windows regularly and I have not noticed any problems with configure getting stuck, though.
> My bad, I actually put a log in the below statements, to figure out where it stuck, but find that it works fine.
> However the configure time seems to have increased multiple times, and it spends a lot of time inside the loop below, not sure if any changes have been made.
> The normal configure time is close to 1 min for all the other stuff, but the below loop is taking close to 10 min ?

I also noticed that configure time has gone up tenfold on Linux. From 
"done in basically 5 seconds" it not takes over a minute.
So of course on Windows where shell scripts are way slower the hit will 
be much more severe.

Not sure how the recent merges might have caused this. Maybe it's just 
the increased length of the library list, as every dep lists their deps 
explicitly now?

> With no updates in config log during this time, and no on screen, user can easily confuse if the configure is happening correctly.
> Would be good to have either some update on the screen or in the log file, if we still need to keep the changes that increased this to 10 min. Ideally remove the changes and switch to the older ones, where this loop was just a second or two.

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