[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] udp: added option to ignore empty UDP packets

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Oct 12 17:16:31 EEST 2017

Le quintidi 15 vendémiaire, an CCXXVI, Daniel Kučera a écrit :
> I'm not sure if you mean this patch is unacceptable but if so, I want
> to note, that this patch is not the same as I submitted before: this
> one adds cmdlne option to ignore empty packets and it doesn't ignore
> them when not explicitly enabled.

As for this particular solution, I think it exposes to the user the
innards of a work-around, this is not good at all.

The good approach is to fix the bugs. You do not need to fix all of
them, just fix the one or two instances that break things for you: in
your use case, there is one line of code in the whole project that gets
ret=0 and thinks it means EOF: find it and fix it, and you should be
good. Other instance, if any, can be fixed as needed.


  Nicolas George
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