[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v7] - Added Turing codec interface for ffmpeg

Mark Thompson sw at jkqxz.net
Mon Feb 27 13:13:30 EET 2017

On 27/02/17 08:29, Saverio Blasi wrote:
>> Right, I had a bit more of a look at it and was able to "fix" it by adding the boost libraries to the ffmpeg configure line as well.
>> Actually running it it all looks good to me, if as fast as a particularly lethargic snail (like all H.265 encoders targetting quality).
>> valgrind came up with some errors, but they appear to be on the libturing side rather than in the ffmpeg wrapper (i.e. please do fix them, but they don't matter to this patch).
>> Thanks,
>> - Mark
> Dear Mark,
> Thanks a lot for this, we are very happy to know the patch will be integrated. 
> Regarding the problems you mention, we will have a look at the output of valgrind, and are also working on speeding up the encoder.

Also the pkgconfig file:
* It refers to the libturing build directory, which need not exist after installation.
* I think libstdc++ and the boost libraries are always required, not just when linking statically.  (Not sure how this interacts with other parts, though - it seems to not like the system boost libraries on Ubuntu 16.04 (1.58): do you need to install your custom boost libraries as well?)

It should be possible to build and run with just "--enable-gpl --enable-libturing" on a clean "make install"ed libturing.


- Mark

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