[FFmpeg-devel] minterpolate filter

Ural uralzima at autistici.org
Wed Feb 22 10:02:00 EET 2017

Hello all. First, thanks for doing great and hard work. I can't imagine
any video-(pre/post)processing exist without ffmpeg.
I am posting my question in devel, because I am not asking how to do
something. What I am trying to do works, but bad.

I create videos from pictures and need to make them as smooth as
possible. I found, that what I need called 'motion interpolation'. I
started to search all forums, and found only 3 things can help me:
slowmovideo, butterflow and new ffmpeg's filter minterpolate.

slowmovideo needs many configuration, I was not able to get it to work
as I want. with butterflow, I tried anything. From installing OpenCL,
OpenGL and other stuff to switching to nvidia binary drivers and
installing all sdk tools and cuda. It never worked. Some error about
cuda, and google don't know about it.

So third option was the only one available. When I tried it, it did
exactly what I want! But it is incredibly SLOW. I have 8-core CPU, and
it processes about 0.1-0.3 fps. And uses just 1 CORE, no video card.

Guys, do you have some plans about this awesome filter? Like to port it
to opencl, or use at least all cores? There are no any option available,
so all hopes only to this filter. Or maybe some other
alternatives/patches exist?


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