[FFmpeg-devel] How to set avcodec_open2 to set ((MpegEncContext *)(avctx->priv_data))->fixed_qscale = 1?

sea 2509044372 at qq.com
Sun Feb 5 11:29:33 EET 2017

Hi ,

I'm trying to push a stream to a server with ffmpeg.  I debugged the ffmpeg code, and found that when avcode_open2 returned, the  ((MpegEncContext *)(avctx->priv_data))->fixed_qscale = 1.  That to say, when video stream was handled,  certain offset of  avctx->priv_data pointer (just fixed_qscale field) was set to 1.  
I tried to find which parameter would lead to this result, but failed.  If  fixed_qscale was not set to 1,  program will not run to "Error evaluating rc_eq "<null>"" problem.  Can someone give an advice?

Thanks for help

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