[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v3] avformat/hlsenc: add hls_flag option to write segments to temporary file until complete

Bodecs Bela bodecsb at vivanet.hu
Sat Feb 4 22:38:30 EET 2017

2017.02.04. 20:45 keltezéssel, Hendrik Leppkes írta:
> On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 6:55 PM, Aman Gupta <ffmpeg at tmm1.net> wrote:
>> From: Aman Gupta <aman at tmm1.net>
>> Adds a `-hls_flags +temp_file` which will write segment data to
>> filename.tmp, and then rename to filename when the segment is complete.
>> This patch is similar in spirit to one used in Plex's ffmpeg fork, and
>> allows a transcoding webserver to ensure incomplete segment files are
>> never served up accidentally.
> Wouldnt a segment only show up in the playlist when its finished? How
> can they be served accidentally?
the segment file names are predictable.
In live streaming enviroment somebody predicting the segment name may 
see the program some seconds earlier than any other viewer by 
downloading continously the unpublished segment. (with one segment 
duration seconds earlier)
if the currently writed segment name is constant you may prohibit to 
acces it in web server config
> - Hendrik
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