[FFmpeg-devel] [OPW] OPW Project Proposal

Pallavi Kumari pallavikumari.in at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 15:32:25 EEST 2016

Hi folks,

I am Pallavi Kumari, a recent graduate in Computer Science from IIIT
Hyderabad, India. My areas of interest includes Information Retrieval and
Extraction, Machine learning, Deep learning , algorithms. I have sound
knowledge C, C++, Python and am familiar with various open source
technologies like Git, Django, elastic search, redis, mongodb etc. I have
some experience with open source contributions and have contributed to some
organizations like Mozilla, Ubuntu, Fedora. Built a text based search
engine from scratch on Wikipedia dump.

I want to propose the idea of implementing filters for ffmpeg that would
give different audio fingerprints for an audio which could be reused by
other people for variety of applications. Goal of this system is given a
song as a input, it would spits out similar sounding songs. Some of its
applications are:

* detecting duplicate songs
* retrieving similar songs
* can be used for recommending songs
* clustering songs based on content/tags

I had discuss this idea with Compn on #ffmpeg-devel irc which he finds
interesting and suggested me to put it on the mailing list. I am excited
about this project and would like to contribute to it and would be glad to
know your views on it.

Kindly, let me know if the proposed idea sounds interesting and relevant to
the community. I would be happy to share a rough draft containing details.

Let me know the further procedure. Your guidance is highly appreciated.

IRC - atana

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