[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 0/4] ffplay and lavd SDL2 set

Josh de Kock josh at itanimul.li
Thu Sep 15 13:25:08 EEST 2016

On 15/09/2016 11:11, Thomas Volkert wrote:
> [...]
>> Yes, it is quite a bit of unnecessary overhead, but it's much cleaner
>> than #ifdeffery in a single source file.
> In general, I don't like the idea of having 2 source files with almost
> the same content. This usually indicates to me that the code structure
> could be improved.
> But ...you said you take over the maintenance which is needed. So, I am
> fine with this step as long as the old file gets dropped soon (in terms
> of months instead of years).
> (And I also don't like a flood of #ifdefs. ;) )
Yes, ffplay_sdl1.c will get dropped as soon as support for Debian 
old-stable is dropped.

>> Also, to change ffplay.c for most fixes as you'd have to reflect the
>> change on either side of the #ifdefs, so you don't gain anything from
>> not splitting the sources.
> I agree for SDL related patches. This apparently has to be done for SDL1
> as well as SDL2.
> However, for other patches you have to do copy+paste to get them in both
> ffplay source files.
> But see above .. I am fine if you compensate this.
That's fine then


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