[FFmpeg-devel] Strategy to optimally playback audio & video

Matthieu Beghin matthieu.beghin at garagecube.com
Sun Sep 11 22:37:16 EEST 2016

Hi all,

My app needs best performance video playback in high resolutions. I have a graphic engine polling the video frames and an audio engine polling decoded audio packets.
The problem is, sometimes, the audio thread needs data that are not ready, so it decodes all packets until it got the required audio data. In this case video frames are also decoded and pushed in a queue. But if it implies decoding 10 HD video frames, I won’t get the audio data in time and I’ll get audio issues. (I have a few videos in which I have 10 consecutive video frames, then audio content, then 10 frames ….)
What should I do in this case ? 

I see various solutions:

 1- I could put in cache more than one second of audio and video and I should be ok, but with 4k movies, keeping 30 frames could imply using a huge amount of memory and I would like to avoid that.
 2- I could open the file twice, one for video and one for audio, but I would use even more RAM and it would decrease performances because parsing the file twice
 3- I could avoid decoding video frames if I’m missing audio data but that would imply seeking back after to get a clean video frame (so decoding again from previous keyframe), so I think that’s not a option at all.
 4- Any better option ?

I hope I’m on the right mailing list.
Thanks a lot,
Kind regards,
Matt Beghin

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