[FFmpeg-devel] adding RGBA and BGRA to nvenc.c

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 21:54:57 EEST 2016

Sven C. Dack wrote:

> I'd be more interested in grabbing the desktop synchronous to the
> display refresh rate at this point. 60Hz is a key mark, going above
> it not so much. What would be the next mark anyway? 100Hz?

That would be good - I am in a different situation to you though, in
that my h/w won't currently take RGB anyway. Benching bgr0 is just a
starting point. With nv12 conversion I can't do 60fps with ffmpeg but
can with gstreamer.

As for monitors  - there are plenty that do 144Hz marketed at gamers and
even at 60Hz there's increasing use of 1440p and 2160p screens to consider.

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